Kingdoms of Phanatheos

Kingdoms of Phanatheos

From North to South, West to East, the kingdoms of the world of Phantheos are:

  • Peitlan
  • Liadan
  • Qameth
  • Griramma
  • Kedelima
  • Raob
  • Gyreth
  • Unicia
  • Kaomaand

A brief description of each below, with wiki pages to follow…


Peitlan is a wild land dotted with tribal inhabitants who make their living off the land. Some of the most powerful mystics grew to age in Peitlan, but they are not overfond of civilization or the civilized disrupting the natural order of things locally.


Lidan is the ancestral home of Wood and High Elves. While the natives have long since taken to the seas and populated throughout the world, Liadan still shows strongly of Elven construction and is ruled by an Elven king. Much of Liadan is covered by forests.


Qameth is the merchant empire of the world, with riches flowing through its borders and out to the rest of mankind. The kingdom has a larger-than-normal population of gnomes, who tend more to business and engineering than leadership. An ideal climate has led Qameth to become prosperous and technologically advanced.


The untamed wildernesses of Griramma are home to hardy barbarians and savage monsters. The land beckons to those who seek to carve out a simple living, finding balance with and peace in the harsh environment.


The land of Kedelima is steeped in ancient religions worshiping nature and animals. Most druids find there way to Glinnaya and the surrounding forests to learn from the masters of nature.


Raob is a fairly typical kingdom of traders and workers. There’s lots of mining in the mountains surrounding Rhaob, drawing in many dwarves and much industry. Trade with the elves in Liadan and the Southerners in Kaomaand keeps Rhaob moderately prosperous.


Gyreth is a fairly new kingdom as far as they go, consisting of a health mix of average folk, the distressed, and the populous. Trading ports in the west are too far to be the central hubs of trade, but offer excellent sanctuary from storms and ill weather. Many a sailing merchant settles for a nice home in Gyreth when he turns enough coin. Halflings in particular dream of putting their feet up in a burrow in Gyreth one day.


The Isles of Unicia are loosely bound under the leadership in Kaerdyd, with the exception of the eastern island, which claims independence under its breath while owing allegiance to Kaerdyd when it’s convenient. Many well-armed pirates, corsairs, and merchants sail the waters of Unicia, making it impractical for Kaerdyd to enforce any claim on the neighboring lands. The Emperors of Kaerdyd consider themselves heirs to a kingdom spanning the oceans, but if that was ever the case, history has forgotten a time when their influence extended far beyond the main island.


Kaomaand is reputed to have been ground zero for wars between mortals, demons, devils, and dragons., and is a harsh land. The inhabitants are disproportionately Dragonborn and Tiefling in origin, but stout humanoids with courage and fortitude are welcomed there with open arms. There are those that say if you haven’t gotten into a bar fight in Kaomaand, “you ain’t seen nothing yet,” and probably still have full control of your faculties as a result.

Kingdoms of Phanatheos

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